Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bucking Jenny's Mottos

I would like to offer a special thank you to the inspiration of Kat Manaan, who wrote the phrase, "Live Loud, Love Fierce, Suffer No Fools"  Kat and has been using it to sign her written work for years and by using her smart words, I am in  no way claiming them as my own.  I simply read a piece of her work a while back, saw this phrase and found it inspiring.  I hope you can enjoy my thoughts, below, on why this quote has become a motto for the Bucking Jenny.
 If you are interested in further reading, you can find Kat's blog at or you can also find Kat on Facebook:  

Where Jennies come from:

Another motto that is most certainly not of my own devising came from Larry McMurtry.  I'll let my ultra-fab power-point image do the talking:
 If you get the time, you should seriously check out that link, to it is an awesome piece that explains this Jenny Motto far better than I do in this image.

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