Saturday, March 31, 2012

Donkey or elephant, human or penguin, we're all animals, right?

I know I'm not the only progressive to ask myself how/why the GOP gets itself so wrapped up in hatred. I know I'm not alone in wondering why they worry so much about the imagined thievery of drug addicted welfare applicants while accepting government salaries, entitlements, subsidy and paybacks themselves. Well, folks, now we understand their obsession with those who take advantage of the government... they assume that everyone else thinks like they do. The only people who don't get this are the honest drones who just keep gathering their own stones and wondering why their pile never grows.  
Often, I feel righteous indignation for the democrat/liberal/progressive penguin who honestly forages a pile of stones that is consistantly depleted by the dishonesty of another, but the fact is I feel even more for the conservative/GOP/libertarian drone... those poor schmucks actually vote for the guys that rob them blind.  I think that must be some REALLY rotten Karma. Thank you Mother Nature for once again, shining that mirror and reminding us that donkey or elephant, human or penguin, we're all animals:

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