Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Sister of the Year Award

Breaking News:
This is to announce that the Big Sister of the Year for the Bucking Jenny universe is four year old Ellie. 
Ellie is a special little girl who likes to play soccer, and loves Scooby-Doo.  Right now Ellie's mamma is on bed rest while she waits for Ellie's little brother to be born safely this June.  This means that little Ellie has to give up some of her favorite things like school field trips or exciting activities to help keep her mom and little brother safe.  Ellie does this for her family because she is a great big sister.  This afternoon, she even took a nap so her mom could rest too.  For this loving behavior, she is recognized and duly awarded the honor and title of Bucking Jenny's Best Big Sis.

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Anonymous said...

Good job Ellie! You are going to be the BEST big sister!! Aunt Terri loves you bunches and bunches!! :D