Monday, July 23, 2012

The Cowboy Way

Here in Wyoming - we oft boast that we do things, "The Cowboy Way."

Many here also think that this means, "The Republican Way."
Well, this liberal, blue hearted mom in Wyoming knows better. My grandpa is a rancher near Ft. Laramie.  He is a liberal, and one of the last real Cowboys. He taught me what that really is not by preaching at me with words, but by living with integrity.
A cowboy is willing to leave his herd of 99 cattle in search of one lost.

A cowboy is gentle, and nurturing.
A cowboy doesn't leave women and children to go hungry. He doesn't begrudge a person fighting for survival their healthcare. He doesn't kick a person when they are down.

A cowboy gives of his own self, his blood, his sweat and even an occasional tear to his toil which provides food, shelter and security for his family.  Every callous in his worn hands is a gift of love, a badge of survival, a reminder of hard work.
Hollywood may have taught us that true Americans are cowboys, and true cowboys are rough and tumble shoot `em up western types, but the fact is that true American Cowboys are gentle in their strength.

Look at this image and think of our choices this November. It seems to me that it takes little political understanding to see that of our two candidates; only one would leave the riches promised by 99 cattle to save a lost calf. Only one of our candidates lives a life that shows empathy, grace and compassion. Only one stands up for women, for minorities, for the voiceless and forgotten.  Only one cares about those who need healthcare more than his own political ambition.
Only one sees the value in the future of a calf given a fighting chance.

The other – lies through his teeth about his work record, fires people to send their jobs overseas, threatens the only hope of healthcare for millions, declares food stamps unworthy, straps his dog to the roof of a car, and gives elevators to his vehicles while his people starve.  
I choose Obama’s gentle strength to lead us. I look forward to a future he helps us create that will be better for our kids than it is for us.  I look forward to the lost amongst us being slowly found in this blizzard of economic and political uncertainty. We are a great people, capable of great things… especially when we remember what greatness really is.

Greatness, as I’ve learned at the hand of a real American Cowboy, is gentle compassion and a strength that lies not in fists or muscles but in heart and mind.
Somebody – Quick! Send Obama a Stetson!

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Lois Levy said...

Thank you. This is a lovely piece. Let's all try and be more like real cowboys.