Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Eleventh of September

I mourn Tuesday
the loss
the blackened sky
the dust
the confusion

A decade gone
my grief still raw
I crave Monday’s innocence
and Wednesday’s unity

A decade and more
And still I pray
I cry
I offer my heart
to two pillars of smoke

I humbly remember
those who rushed in
while all others rushed out

I kneel
I light a candle
I ring a bell
I wave my flag

I hold my children close

I bow my head
I raise my glass
I give moments of silence

I remember the blue sky
of an idle Tuesday

A decade gone
a war not done
a fight not won

Too many still not home

I crave Monday’s innocence
And Wednesday’s unity

My grief is still raw
My heart’s still broken
I mourn Tuesday

~ Sarah

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The Pocono PC Doctor said...

A really nice tribute. If you have the chance, please view a video I made about 9/11 on Vimeo.


In peace, Jim Lyons