Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear Mr. President

Some of you may remember my viral letter to Mitt Romney, (which you can view at this link, This time, I thought I would drop a line to our president. Here it is.

Dear Mr. President,
On the eve of your re-election, I thought I would send you a very special thank you. Thank you for being such a fine leader and admirable human being.
When you gave hope to our nation in 2008, you inoculated us against a second great depression. When you bet on America with an 8 billion dollar stimulus, you wagered on America's middle class. When you did that, you reminded us of our fundamental values, and encouraged us toward a great future.
My love affair with your message is intense. I suspect that I am not alone. I remember that, when you appeared on scene, you changed America. I would go so far as to say that when we met you, you made us want to be a better nation. Thank you for that.
I have watched you, every day for these past four years, and I see a man who loves us. I see a man who has the audacity to hope for the best for all Americans, the 100% of us! (You never leave Americans behind, not even the 47% of us that your opponent dismisses with malice.)
When I look at you, I see a man who judges Americans, not by the color of their skin, or the contents of their wallets, or the language they speak or the gender of the person they love... But by their love for their neighbor and country, and if they are their brother's keeper, and if they are willing to improve our nation by leaving spite and greed behind.
Thank you. Your presidency has reminded us, of the great lessons of our history. You reminded us of Jeffersonian liberty, and Washingtonian honesty. You reminded us of Abraham Lincoln's unity and FDR's New Deal security.
Mr. Obama, you are the embodiment of Martin Luther King's dream. You are the stone of hope that rolled from a mountain of despair. Each night, when I tuck my sons in to sleep, from a house of poverty and a home built on struggle, I do so knowing that your mother did the same.
Each evening, when I encourage them to work at their studies, I promise them an America where any child with a dream has a chance and because of you... I believe my own promise. Mr. President, you are proof that I speak the truth in your very existence.
I am proud, this fifth of November, to be an American citizen who will be blessed with the opportunity to vote for you tomorrow. I am thrilled, Mr. president, to know that when I vote for You, I am voting for Myself, My Sons and My America! When I mark the ballot next to your name, I am certain I will weep with gratitude that I live in this exact moment in history, and that I am able to lend my voice your chorus.
I know that you will give my family the ability to survive in spite of tough odds in return for my vote. You will give us access to affordable healthcare and education, you will move our nation onward still toward our dreams of equality, you will work tirelessly for national economic stability, you will ensure international safety and you will be a leader who fights for the little people... Like me and mine.
Mr. Obama, thank you, for devoting yourself to us. Thank you for fighting for my son's opportunities. Thank you for sticking up for me and my rights to my body. Thank you, for supporting marriage equality for my gay family members. Thank you for bringing my childhood friends home from war. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for Obamare, which protects so many that I love.
Mr. President, thank you for your audacity, your tenacity and your loving determination. You have pulled our nation forward toward a bright future.
I hope... Nay, I know that come Wednesday I will add my voice to the multitudes in offering you congratulations on a second term, until then Sir, keep up the good work.
American Voter, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Writer and Friend,
Sarah Zacharias


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Sarah! You've said everything I wish I had! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled when Obama won. The last time I reacted the way I did at the results was when my daughter was born 20 months ago. It was that happy elation mixed with tears of joy. I posted on FB how I was so happy and some pro-Romney supporters felt the need to try to crush my happiness. I didn't let them though. It sickens me how people speak so poorly about Obama and even threaten to move to secede from the US. He won legitimately because, like you say, he is a WINNER!

Anonymous said...

Oh sister, you have a lot of learning to do. The elite fear free thinking, empowered people and populations and have systematically throughout time wiped out populations and leaders and Obama is and has always been a puppet for the elite, just like all of the other presidents of the good ole USA. .
Just remember that the vast majority of people have no idea how to or want to wake up, because they are so inured to the system; a controlling system that does not care a lick about the people and in return those same people who are literally sleep walking zombies following orders of a corrupt government, will continue to fight tooth and nail for that system and slander anyone speaking out in opposition. American Dream? it is the American Scheme.
You actually believe democrats and republicans are two distinct parties? Please. Two masks on the same face; repubicrats and democans. It is an illusion to think those two are distinguishable. Neither one of them represent the people, but rather the interests of the the dark sinister elite, the puppet master that actually use Obama, Bush, Clintons, etc as their errand boys to pull false flags like 9/11 and then blame a muslim man in a cave and people like you believe it hook line and sinker.
OBAMA is a good little boy because he is doing what he is told to do.
PLEASE, wake up and stop acting like Obama is some savior/God.